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How does the free bingo tournament work?

Each day (7 days a week) at 12:00 AM EST, we provide 2500 Free Credits to each member. For each game of bingo you play, 100 credits will be deducted from the 2500 credits. Your goal is to win bingo for as many of the bingo games as possible that day. Each bingo game has a Pot that consists of the amount of bingo players who have joined that specific game multiplied by 100 points. (Note: Not every bingo player in the room during each bingo game will have joined the bingo game, thus the pot may not always match the amount of players shown in a room.) If you successfully claim bingo for that bingo game, the pot total will be added to your score. (In the case of multiple winners the pot will be split evenly among the multiple winners for that day.) Each day's bingo tournament ends when the final bingo game underway at 11:45 PM EST is completed. (Note: BlackOut and Pattern games take a little longer to complete than a Traditional Bingo Game).

How can I win one of the free bingo game cash prizes? At 11:59:59 PM EST, the bingo players with the highest scores for that day will be awarded the free bingo game cash prizes and the bingo tournament for the new day will begin. Unused credits and scores from the previous day are not carried forward from one day to another, thus allowing each bingo player the same exact chance to win the free bingo game prizes each day.

You may play as many online bingo games each day as your credits allow, and you may participate in as many daily bingo tournaments as you like just by returning each day that you want to play. There are no limitations on how many times or how much you can win in any aspect.

ELIGIBILITY: This promotion is offered only electronically via the Internet and is open to all natural persons age at least 18 years and older. Players must be fluent in English to be eligible to play and win. Void where prohibited.

All winners subject to final approval. Game is void where prohibited by law. Any tampering with normal site operation will result in immediate termination and possible prosecution.

The tests comprised of 112 people within the age brackets of 18 to 40 and 60 to 82. Half of each set played bingo. The results concluded that all bingo players were more accurate and quicker than non-players. Interestingly, in certain tests, the older players did better than the younger players. More and more research is supporting the theory that a regular partaking of activities that exercise the mind is very beneficial to the maintenance of optimum mental functioning as we get older.

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