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1. Bingo Casino sites pay out the same amount regardless of how much bonus money they give away. Most sites pay out close to 70% on real cash. This just means, that on a card-by-card basis, the more bonus money in play, the lower the average effective payout per card.Since you can buy more cards, this doesn't hurt you, assuming that you get the same bonus that everyone else does. This isn't 100% true. The Bingo Casino bonuses help and harm. I will explain later.

2. Bonus money is never redeemable as cash.* Deposits, winnings and bonus money are always treated separately. Winnings are always spent first; deposits second and bonus last. On many Bingo Casino sites deposits are also not redeemable.

3. You can lose some or all of your bonus when you redeem your winnings. Many sites either penalize your bonus money or reset it to $0 when you redeem your winnings. Although this serves the evil purpose of discouraging cash-outs, it also helps to lower the average bonus money in play thus improving everyone else's average effective payout per card. More on this later.

4. Bonuses can expire. Some sites expire bonuses -- including deposit bonuses and chat game bonuses. Usually in about 30 days.

5. Bonus money is a scam with positive side effects. Bingo Casino bonus schemes are a scam. You can't redeem it and the sites are going to have the same % payout regardless of the bonuses, so most of the added value of a large deposit bonus is an illusion. To add injury to insult, the bonuses are usually structured to encourage you not to cash out your winnings, to spend your deposit and winnings before your bonuses expire and they are sometimes structured to encourage you to make larger deposits. Another important negative side effect is that since winnings do not generally come with a bonus, it is more expensive to play with winnings than deposits.

The Bingo Casino bonus structure has one great side effect though. Whenever players don't redeem their bonus points. When they take a hit to their bonus for redeeming cash, let their bonus money expire, or cash it in on other promotions -- they decrease the bonus money in play which makes all other money in play - bonus or real - more valuable. Big winners take their bonus out of play and that gives everyone else a higher effective payout per card. Of course the true payout never changes. The net effect is a slight increase in the odds that there will be more winners dipping into the actual payouts.

So, when you mention to someone that bingo may well be a key to youth, the image of pensioners playing in a retirement home may well prompt them to ask a few questions. It’s not chess or bridge, but researchers insist that bingo can keep your mind trim and bring more to your youthfulness than just cash prizes and idle chitchat.

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